Being a computer science themed school, we are fortunate to have Bavel Blocks as the platform for our coding club as well as an available coding resource for lessons and projects in daily classes and electives. We use some of the older commercial coding platforms, but they do not offer the flexibility or potential that Bavel Blocks provides. Bavel Blocks starts out with step-by-step instructions and a block-based code environment similar in some ways to other platforms, but from then on it is unique. Once students start to master some of the basic concepts and get familiar with the functionality, they have complete freedom to create and work on projects of their choosing. If they can imagine it they can create it in Bavel Blocks. This is it’s great power; a coding platform with limitless possibilities. The same student could use the platform in elementary school, like our students do at Bugg, and still be using it right through middle school and into high school as they continue creating new and more complex coding projects. Students in our coding club took full advantage of this flexibility. In the span of weeks they were changing instructed coding projects into their own unique creations. We couldn’t be happier that our students have access to a platform that allows them to truly make their ideas come to life by coding.