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This is the first course in the vanbara programming series.  In this course we will use the bavelblocks visual programming environment to learn basic principles of computer programming.  Through the programming instruction and exercises we will learn computational thinking techniques, design thinking principles, and relevant math, physics, and other fundamental skills.  Most importantly, we will be creating computer games and art at the intersection of creative and computational thinking.

Before you take this course you should complete the freely available “Getting Started” course.  There are xx lessons in the course, some have just a video discussion, some include a project (with video instruction), and some lessons require you pass a quiz to more on to the next lesson.  We encourage you to watch the video, complete the projects and quizzes to learn the material.

xxx put here an introduction to the instructors and a syllabus for the course.
Maybe instructions on how to navigate through the lessons?
Where does this belong:
– Phaser (gaming engine)
– Programming language (specifically, visual vs. textual)
– Computer application/program vs. mobile app vs web app

When you complete Vicki Course 1, we expect you to have a basic understanding of coding: objects and object settings, flow of control, conditional and looping statements, event-based programming, variables, functions, and rudimentary debugging techniques.  We also expect you will have enhanced both your computational and design thinking skills and exhibited your unique creativity!

To get started, just continue to Lesson 1: Introduction to Visual Programming.